Summer camp focusing on vegetable production

Since 1989, our organization has been offering a summer camp based on the operation of an ecological garden.

The summer camp lasts 7 weeks and is intended for about 30 young people aged 12 to 17 referred by the C.I.S.S.O. social workers or by the J.E.P. workers.

Organic vegetables on wood. Farmer holding harvested vegetables. Rustic setting
Farmer preparing organic homegrown carrots for farmer's market, top view of hands packing harvested root vegetable

The objectives are numerous

Explore new activities in a safe and non-judgmental environment

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, the young people are busy in the garden.

Weeding, watering, picking, cleaning vegetables, packing, selling at the kiosk, many tasks are experienced by the young people. They learn to use tools and equipment safely. They must listen to instructions, stay focused on the task at hand and be able to produce an acceptable volume of work.

In addition, those who demonstrate good work skills are asked to mow lawns for various organizations in the region.

Having positive experiences

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, structured activities are offered to young people.

Sports, arts and workshops offered in partnership with local organizations.

Thursdays are reserved for special activities. Organised outings allow young people to have fun in a safe environment, to challenge themselves and to develop a sense of belonging to a group.

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